New Apple iPod touch launched with 8-megapixel rear camera, 64-bit processor!!

Did you think that the Apple iPod lineup has finally come to its dead end?

Or are you thinking on "Should I sell iPhone old model and upgrade to the Apple iPod Touch 5th generation?" Well stop thinking.

As Apple has finally announced a much awaited upgrade to the two year old Apple iPod Touch. The latest 6th generation Apple iPod Touch is faster, sleeker and features some of the most needed upgrades for the device.

Design wise, the 5th generation Apple iPod Touch looked almost like the latest Apple iPhone 6. However, with the next gen Apple iPod device, the design similarity between both the devices are almost identical. Now, the latest iPod Touch is a millimeter thinner than the still thin Apple iPhone 6, has a small camera bump in the rear portion like the iPhone 6, and unlike the previous generation Apple iPod, the loop is now removed. 

In terms of hardware specifications, the 2015 Apple iPod Touch runs the same Apple A8 processor, that is also featured in the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and also has the M8 motion co-processor for motion tracking and there is 1 GB of RAM as well.

Even in Benchmarks, the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation scores higher than the last gen Apple iPhone 5s, and in some benchmarks, it scores almost as much as the iPhone 6 as well. Which means, the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation will be able to shift from web browsing to gaming to multi tasking, without lags or gliches, like how the iPhone 6 performs.

Even the rear and front facing camera's on the Apple iPod Touch 6th gen has got some much requested upgrades. The rear camera is now of 8 MP resolution whereas the front facing camera has a resolution bump to 1.2 MP. The image and video quality from both the camera's are easily comparable to the last gen Apple iPhone 5s, which has a stellar camera, even according to today's standards. And now, the iPod Touch also supports slow motion video recording at 120fps.

The Apple iPod Touch 6th generation lacks any calling functionality as the device still does not accept a SIM card, and to the surprise of many, the latest 2015 Apple iPod also does not have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. It is a shame that the iPod Touch does not have Touch ID, as Apple is so much interested in their device security, and even the latest Apple Pay has a lot of use with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

One advantage of the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation over other Apple products is that it is cheaper, well, when compared to other Apple products. And also, it is hard enough to find a product with the built quality and user experience similar to an Apple product within the price range.

The Apple iPod Touch 6th gen with 16 GB internal storage will cost you RS. 18,900, whereas the 32 GB and 64 GB models will cost you RS. 22,900 and RS. 26,900 respectively.


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