Traffline App Review

Have you ever been late to a function, or maybe a meeting, just because you got caught up in the busy city traffic?
If you think leaving early for your destination will solve the issue for arriving late, then you are probably wrong. Leaving early nowadays doesn't really assure you that you will arrive at your destination on time. Because, the traffic scenario in today's world is highly unpredictable.
And in such a situation, if you own a Smartphone, then having an app that will guide you past all these traffic, to your destination through the most easiest way possible is really important. And this is where the Traffline App really shines.

Traffline is a very popular application with support for all major mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Blackberry OS. When compared to all the other apps with similar functionality available out there, Traffline is a very unique app as it not only shows information based on the traffic ahead, but in case of a messy traffic scenario, it also lets you know which part of the traffic lane is actually causing the traffic jam. And also helps you find the quickest route from your current location to your destination. 

Traffline is currently available across all major metro cities of India, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Pune and is expanding its supported location base rapidly. Once you start using the application, it will automatically detect your city and location, however there is also an option to manually change your city as well. Also the app is very efficient in providing you features like the nearest available parking spaces, ability to share your current location with your friends via WhatsApp or text message and so on
There is also a News Feed available within the application that provides a lot of useful features. Some of which are:
1. Login feature using either Facebook or Twitter accounts.
2. Twitter account integration of the city wise handles of Traffline.
3. Updates by all Traffline users under one roof.
4. Traffic reports always available in the News Feed.
5. Share your emotions in case of an accident of traffic jams using photos, words or emoticons.
Find useful traffic updates by users in the News Feed and retweet it to help your friends and family.

There is also an official Traffline Blog available, which is updated frequently, to give our information related to traffic issues within all the supported cities, which is a very helpful tool for people who are travelling between cities to pick a convenient day and time.
Also, in case you have any queries or suggestions regarding the Traffline App, then you can always get in touch with the Traffline Team by writing to and get an instant reply as well.
You can also get a RS. 10 worth recharge coupon for free whenever your friend installs and uses the Traffline app on their Smartphone using the referral link shared by you on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. You can also send the referral link manually via text messages as well.

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