Some of the most famous professionally played video games

Gone are the days when there just used to be professional tournaments for games that required players to do stuff physically. Games like Football, Cricket, and Hockey etc. were considered professionally played games and they are still considered the same.
But in this era of internet and computing, gaming has also become an important part of our lives. We play video games for releasing stress, for fun, for earning money and even professionally. There are events around the world that have a prize pool of millions of dollars for players who win these events or championships.
In this post we will list down some of the most famous video games that are played professionally around the world.

This game has a huge player base especially in Korea. The game is not just limited to Korea but the players are active around the world and people who play the games professionally can win upto $1 Million in an event and they also have a salary for playing these games!
This is a free to play game and yet it has such a huge following that you might call the fans insane. It has a great name in the eSports industry and has some of the most talented players who play in tournaments organized by its creator, Riot Games, as well as Major League Gaming and World Cyber Games, among others.
A game like Call of Duty also has a professional scene where players around the world come together. Newbies as well as professionals.
Call of Duty is a game that you could just go ahead and start playing and get better at. It has some elite pool of players who play for prizes worth thousands of dollars. The tournaments are organized by Major League Gaming and more.
Dota 2 is also a free to play game title by Valve and it is in very similar lines as League of Legends but it also has a huge following. The tournaments for this game have a prize pool for millions of dollars and many tournaments like ESL etc. are organized around the world.
If you thought Counter Strike was just famous between hostel or college students, you are wrong. This game is played by millions around the world and there are professional matches happening everyday around the world where prizes with big amounts are provided to be won.


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