Five things to know before joining film industry

The film industry is a place where the outsiders think that people make big out of themselves purely based on luck! Th...

The film industry is a place where the outsiders think that people make big out of themselves purely based on luck! That not what you know matters, but who you know matters! Although it is true to a major extent, but there is more to it. If only luck and networking were the key factors for an actor gaining success, all sons/daughters of every famous star making their debuts would have had an unmatchable career! Actors who have won national awards and also the heart of millions further prove this. So what did they had that made them unbeatable and achieve victory without knowing anyone in the industry before entering? 

If you are an aspiring actor, here is a list of five things you must know before joining the film industry:
1)     Polish your acting: Join theatre groups or some famous acting classes to brush up on your acting classes. This is a solely personal decision but taking one can certainly help you in honing your skills. Sometimes, it’s very much possible that decent Bollywood agents have tie ups with these classes and who knows you might just get a direct ticket to get into the film industry. Watch films of known actors and gain input from their style. You can enjoy and learn from their acting styles by seeing their films at a lesser price by taking advantage of offers from websites offering discount coupons and cashback like

2)     Keep your attitude in check: There will be many occasions and events where in you will feel extremely frustrated and low. Those are the times when you need to stay calm and not lash out on anybody owing to your bad temperament. The film set might be on hold for hours either due to bad weather circumstances or for any other reason like non-availability of something crucial. Remember that everybody is in the same boat and suffering from the same condition. Complaining will only show you as being haughty and someone who is not an ideal person to work with. That might just be your last days on the sets. Always remember that you are replaceable and there are many more who can fill in your position. Always be humble and calm.

3)     Network: Networking is not an optional, but a must-have skill if you are an aspiring actor. Without good networks, you stand no chance in gaining a good film. To build your network, make full use of social media accounts. Visit social gatherings and events to meet new people and make new connections. Go to theatres and plays to increase your chances of meeting useful people. With latest bookmyshow coupons available exclusively at, you can book one online and at a discounted price! It’s necessary to save every penny!

4)     Looks matter: Looks doesn’t necessarily implies how beautiful your features are or how many awards you have won for the same! When I say looks matter, it means you should pay attention to how your entire appearance looks. Be updated of the latest trends and fashion mantras. If they suit you, adopt them instantly and leave the crowd behind! Ensure that you take proper care of your hair and skin.

5)     Success takes years: Kangana Ranaut received a national award for her performance in Queen after seven years of her debut! Not just this, she was able to bag good roles only after years upon entering in the film industry. If you are impatient and a quitter, joining film industry is a bad idea.
Hope these five things help you clear your thoughts and gain new insights!

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