Tips to pick the best Smartphone for you

Being picky and being smart while buying a phone are two different concepts. One needs to actually look out for various options before buying a phone as he has to use that phone so the smartphone should match his requirements. Every person has different set of needs. Some people like to play a lot of games on their gadgets, some for business purpose and some for social interactions through various means. Thus with each person the requirements change. So what phone is the best for you is the question of the hour! What factors should one consider while buying a good smatphone? There are a few tips that a person can keep in his mind while buying a smartphone. 

Choosing the right operating system is the foremost option. Blackberry is a bit slurring now, people are more inclined towards Android, IOS or a windows phone. Android phones are the most popular since they have the largest number of manufacturers as compared to its peers like the Samsung, Motorola, and LG etc. There are various applications on Google Play and android also supports customization. iOS is the most intuitive platform. It supports multi tasking and it is a bit cleaner. Windows phones have a dynamic user interface and also the outlook interface in it.
One should also list down the preferable smartphone brands he would prefer. In the Indian mobile market, smartphones of various brands are present in abundance. It goes without saying that famous brands like Apple, Samsung, and Motorola etc are preferred to the other unbranded ones. Even in these brands there are numerous models one can look out for.
After short listing a few models one should always compare them. This gives the idea which models have the best operating system, battery life, camera, RAM and various other specs. The model should also be within the budget of the user. Though one can always look up prices and then compare it themselves but it is easier to use price comparison websites like where one can easily compare prices of various mobile phones.
One should consider various specs like battery life, price, RAM, operating system, size, camera quality and others as well. A person would prefer big screens which are more available in Samsung. One can easily look up for Samsung mobile price list on Google as well. For smaller screen people can look up for Apple phones as well.
A phone’s processor is its brain. A fast processor can easily switch applications without any glitches and help play HD games very easily. Multi tasking is the foremost demand these days. Processors like snapdragon 400 are available in the low budget phones. But they aren’t compatible for multi tasking. Snapdragon 600 and S4 pro are installed in little expensive ones but they have a good performance review. The A7 chip inside iphone’s 5S processor actually boosts the performance level in that device thus making it one of the most desirable devices.
In today’s mobile market most of the phones offer at least a 2GB or 3GB RAM. Some devices even come up with 1GB or 1.5GB RAM. The more RAM faster is the device. As for memory or storage is concerned, users are recommended to opt for devices that have high internal storage. People tend to save various applications, music videos, games and pictures on their device. Lack of storage leads to slurry devices, so one should always look up for good internal storage. For the camera quality one should focus more on the quality and not on the mega pixels. The quality of images and sensors are more important than the megapixels. Devices like Samsung S4, Note 3, Lumia 1020 etc have various camera features like the nifty eraser mode and prosumer grade manual controls that help in clicking the best shots in every condition and also remove the photo bombers. Such features are an added advantage to those people who love to click the world around them.
In today’s time a long battery life is a must have for a smartphone. A battery life above 3000 mAh or above is considered as better.
There are certain things which should be kept in mind while selecting a device. If the users like a big screen phone then they should opt for phablets. This is just the combination of a phone and tablet. They provide good viewing area and also support easy typing. But these devices can be a bit bulky to handle. The size of the phone also matters. Usually the mainstream size ranges between 4.5 inches to 5.1. A certain pocket friendly phones come up with size of around 4 inches.
Indian market has huge number of branded and unbranded mobile phone manufacturers. There is actually no dearth of them but finding the best smartphone for yourself is what takes the most time. Taking the above factors into consideration we are sure that the user can easily find the best smartphones for themselves now.


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