Top Android Games your Kids can Play

The use of Android games has been increasing by a large number making smartphones to be the best mode of gaming experience. But what about the expectations of the Youngsters?
They really need games that are inspiring and helpful in different fields of their life. So, knowledge in the same regard is quite important. Else, you might end up being confused and messy.
So, we have provided below few of the best games for your kids to have fun and explore new things.

It is a BBC-produced app with popular faces from the broadcaster of the preschool channel, CBeebies. It is a bunch of educational game where children can engage and build up a vehicle, collect fuel from with the help of Nina and Neurons, and turn up with painting their own bowtie, boot and handbags using Mr Tumble, Pictures via Show Me Show Me game and have fun with Swashbuckle. Given the fact that the app is free, it has a companion in the shape of CBeebies Storytime. It is basically a storybook app from popular shows like Old Jack’s Boat and Charlie lola. Though the game was aimed at the UK market, one can access it anywhere across the globe.

Those who were the big fans of Lego Blocks can clearly have an idea that their kids will love the game. It basically has a Duplo train set with easy user guide. The game involves the challenges by the player to turn with it his/her own train and load items in the same.
Alongwise, a variable speed control with whistle and horn is also included. The train has interactive background items like animals and trees which make the journey for the kids to be ultimate fun. They get a chance to build up the bridges and plan a direction of the track and other mini games as well. From the parent’s view, it is an inspirational game for real life situations no matter the starting point for stories, teaching and the effects along with spatial awareness and cognitivity and the coordination of hand and eye.
Crossy Road Game:

Launched in November 2014, Crossy road is  ranked as a popular game in the year 2015. Developed by the Indie Company, (Hipster Whale), the game runs on the concept of “Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?” The game revolves around getting as far as possible along train tracks, rivers, roads and grasses. The player can make use of platforms for crossing the river. The number of units you move decide the points received by you.

The given app make use of characters from the well known PBS show with the same name in order to help kids in reading and writing skills. The app has three games which is led by three different characters. With interactive storybooks where kids are given the instructions to plug in correct words and complete the sentences, the app turns quite knowledgeable for the kids. But it is a little expensive, so it is better to purchase it if the child is young or needs help in terms of literacy. Go ahead with the latest version of the app to avoid any kind of malfunctions.

This app is a great way of teaching your children with the right modes of spelling the words using puzzle-style by dragging the displaced words into their right lace with the proper use of animation and narration. The app makes use of big graphics in order to make the placing of letters quite easy. It is a great app to learn in a fun loving way. Apart, after completing few words, one has to make a genuine payment to continue with the world of adventurous words.

The above ones are few of the best apps to help your kid nurture and learn while playing.


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