Movavi Screen Recorder Review

Movavi Screen Recorder has been rated as one of the best and most complete screencasting software that is currently available in the market. The video recorder software is designed with the ability to capture streaming videos and music, record Skype calls and even record program how-tos and presentations. This is one tool that everyone who is into video editing needs to make the process easy and fun. Everything that you need from a video editing tool is included in this magnificent software. The best part about Movavi Screen Recorder is that you do not need to be experienced to use it. Experience is good but it is not a requirement. Anyone can work with the software courtesy to its user friendly interface. Once the installation process is complete, you can easily start capturing and editing your videos without encountering any difficulties.

Product's details
Currently, the product is available in version 5.1.0 as the latest release. In order for one to get full access to the entire product's feature, they need to purchase a full version of the same. This current version can operate on the following platforms: Windows 2000/P/Vista/7/8.
Product's features

The in-built features that come with this editing software are what make Movavi Screen Recorder unique and different from the others in the market. These features include:
·       Grab screenshots – the software comes with screen capturing features which allow it to grab screenshots while the program is still recording. It is equipped with the ability to multitask which makes it awesome.
·       Ability to record sound from anywhere – whether you want to get audio recordings from your headphones, audio set, connected musical instruments and even from your microphone, everything is possible with Movavi Screen Recorder.
·       Ability to save video recording to over 180 media formats – the software has an in-built ability to save video clips to over 180 different formats. You can pick which video format you want.
·       Mobile presets – this feature allows you to use the ready made presets on your smart device to save your recordings and allow for playbacks on any of your smart device.
·       Fast and efficient - Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to save videos within just seconds hence ensuring that you do not waste time. It comes with the revolutionary SuperSpeed mode which gives this software the ability to save files in an instant.
·       Video sharing – this extra feature makes it easier for the user to share the recordings that they have created on YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform of their choice directly from the program.
·       Ability to save online videos – with this software, you are at liberty to come up with interesting web events, save some of your social media discoveries and even record webinars. The fact that the software comes with a new timer gives you an opportunity to set and capture your recording duration which can then allow for breaks in between your recordings.
If you are looking for a simple to use screen recorder, the Movavi Screen Recorder is a perfect match for all your needs.


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