DVDFab DVD Ripper Mac Review

Apple might not be really supporting DVD now but software developers are developing softwares for people who love their DVD library. Unfortunately, there are many buggy applications that are available for ripping DVD in MAC. But they usually pose a problem and are not that good to use. The DVDFab DVD Ripper for MAC is a Ripper and a Converter software as well. It's an all in one software  because it provides the user a set of preset profiles to help you while ripping the DVD. The various features provided by a DVDFab DVD Ripper are mentioned below-
It works on various apple products like iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple TV, tablets and other Smartphones too.  One can choose the file extension for the DVDcopy. This feature is present in the non-Mac version as well. For the time, It support the usual file formats available in various mobile sets and other tablets. It can work for play stations as well. One can select the device manually from the large list this DVD ripper provides and then choose the file extension as required in the final format of the DVD.

One can even keep a separate copy for audio file for its Mac DVD ripper. It can help a person to play any required audio in their iPod or any other apple product easily. It makes the audio compatible for these devices. Some formats are like mp3, ac3, DTS. The user interface it provides is very easy to understand and use. One does not need any documentation or help to use this DVD Ripper. One just has to install and start ripping the DVD for your Mac device. One can change the frame rate, aspect ratio, deinterlacing option, selecting the audio and video bit rate. Pixel modification, cropping the video, output file size, audio bit rate and even the volume levels can be adjusted for your Mac DVD copy. One can even add subtitles to their video and check how to fit the sub titles for their final copy. One can simply select multiple files and rip the DVD simultaneously.
One can select the time length of the final copy of DVD for their Mac device. DVD ripper for Mac enables you to crop the video automatically or if you want to do it manually. There are a few requirements before you install a DVDFab DVD ripper for MAC that is to be met. One should have a Intel R processor, DVD Drive, 512 MB RAM or more than it, 20 GB hard disk should be free and MAC OS X 10.6 version or above versions are important.
They provide updates regularly. One will receive future updates once they buy this software. If you own a iphone 6 or iphone 6+ this will prove to be the best video converter. One can very easily convert their DVD suiting their apple device in a few minutes or can even leave it to the DVD Ripper to do it.


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