Buy your dream home with Tata Value Homes in National Home Buying Week

Tata Value Homes is the subsidiary of the Tata Housing Development Co Ltd. (THDC). THDC was founded in 1984 and later in 2006 the company was revived by its CEO. Since, the company has proven to be the ruler of the Indian real estate market building milestones for the real estate creator. Their idea of launching such a housing company with the motive of providing lower price housing to the Indian market proved excellent. 

Following this thought, THDC launched Tata Value Homes under full subsidiary. The company was ascertained in 2010 meeting the accommodation requirements of people. With the goal of providing best housing deals in Indian Market, the Company has made masses-homes available for an urban lifestyle. The company has incorporated the green architecture in order to provide a sustained and developed environment. Since its beginning, the company has performed well enough in establishing itself. Today, all the major Indian cities have been covered by Tata Vale Homes. The company is not alone and has committed up with It is the reality portal. This tie-up is focusing on making the homes available online.
To have your own home is the dream of every individual and since so far the company has managed to fulfill their dream. Earlier it was quite tough to buy a home. The finance was not the only reason, but the presentation that to some extent was a failure to convince the client. But, in the present scenario there are so many technologies that allow people to see a 3-Dimensional view of their house. It gives them a proper idea how their house will look after completion. This partnership has proven to be a great venture for the individuals. allows customers to use the ‘Slice View’ of 3D rendering platform to check all the properties offered by them. Today, most of the people prefer flats over land depending on their busy lifestyle. Keeping this generational difference in mind, the company is offering the properties that include flats. Pune, Chennai and Bengaluru are the cities Tata Value Homes focusing currently. The average flat rate it is offering now is Rs 30 lakhs. 

The partnership opened up the doors for the portal to enter the first homes direct selling to the customers. It is a very smart step with these partners in order to sell their flats. The time is changing rapidly and to sell your product it is very important to adopt some effective and working strategies. This thought is the main base for this venture. Well, today people have become more practical especially when it is about buying their accommodation. It is very important to have all that attractiveness in your strategies that can drive customers to you. Earlier, buying a home was only about buying a place that provides you shelter. Designing and all was actually not the requirements by the people at that time. Also, they hardly used to believe in architects and home designers or decorators. For them, builder and contractors were everything. They were not so interested in getting into all that mess that people love to get into today. For them, having a perfect home with 2/3 rooms and attached bathrooms, kitchen, hall and drawing room means a lot. They are interested in getting details of the thing they are investing in. Maps and on-paper drawings are not sufficient for them. As it is mentioned above, that strategies need to have some attractive features, in this tie-up this attractive feature is the “The Slice View”.
It is a 3D platform that has brought the revolution in this industry. This feature allows people to see the properties in 3 Dimensional. They can see the smallest detailing with this featuring without putting any effort. They are available online which is the best part. In this way, they have made their home searching experience easy and comfortable. Currently, they have listed resale and rental properties on the website. For the first time, they will be assisting a developer actually in the Selling First Homes. This business venture has actually made plenty of things easy for the former and the buyer as well without compromising quality and requirements.  


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