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With the increasing mobile penetration and growth of internet in India, we find ourselves surrounded by a virtual world that ceases to e...

With the increasing mobile penetration and growth of internet in India, we find ourselves surrounded by a virtual world that ceases to exist with the expiry of our data packs. To put it simply, we live in a world made up of internet. We see everything going online. From clothes to cell phones and everything in between and even houses!
Online Property websites are coming up at a huge scale. You can buy a property sitting in the comfort of your air conditioner. Gone are the days when you had to go out to scout for property dealers and then spend the next weekend travelling with the broker to check out properties. All this has been made simple by online websites that do the travelling for you while sit you back and relax. Buying a perfect property that suits with all your requirements is just a few clicks away. Online property listing portals has been in a hype from the past few years. has recently bought the domain and a national free number paying a good amount to both the vendors. As per the co-founder there were previously operating as, nor that they are moving standards to international levels, the new domain name and national free number was required. The whooping one million dollar spend to buy the two unique features is considered to be an investment of life time. is one such leading website that has done a commendable job in this field. Let aside the hassles of travelling, it directly brings you in touch with the seller itself. They have straight away cut out the middle men and brokers, so no more travelling and no need to pay huge amount of brokerages. This new model is like the new online store where instead of goods you can buy, rent and scout for properties. We never thought that a day will come when we can buy property like this! has a unique model where instead of being the broker in the deal, it acts as a marketplace between the buyers and the sellers and allows the users to post rental ads for free. And they do it for free! Just go to and search for whichever property you want. You can filter by your requirement like- number of rooms, type of flooring, proximity to medical centers, railway station etc. You get the contact of the person straightaway. The intuitive design of this user friendly website makes it a breeze. But what actually is futuristic about is its advanced set of features. They have a dedicated Data Science Lab which analyzes all the data on the website and gives unique insights about the property scenario in the area.
This portal also comes with a trendy application for smartphone. As of now it only covers the android and the iOS platform. Application for windows environment is still in process and will be out soon.  The application is user friendly and can be used by members of any age group. It helps to understand the property rates of different locality and also can recommend the best properly asper your requirements. Filters available are of wide range and can used to cater the best investment. 
The future of online portals is not just facilitating transactions but to be more intelligent and be able to make sense of the huge user data being generated on the portal itself. Today we talk about consumer insights and this is the place where we get to the consumer live in action. Looking at the Data Sciences Lab, we sure can see that is futuristic and is pioneering a way which others are bound to follow.


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