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Coupons are getting popular day by day especially when the kind of discounts being offered by many ecommerce giants. These days, it doesn’t...

Coupons are getting popular day by day especially when the kind of discounts being offered by many ecommerce giants. These days, it doesn’t matter that what amount of discount is already offered on MRP because everybody wants to use a promo code or a coupon code when they have finalized their cart of shopping. We do have so many occasions to celebrate and hence a huge bunch of discounts keep supporting us with throughout the years. Like with coupon chaska we get a lot coupons such as vistaprint promo code and printvenue coupons code.

Hence, we do need the websites which could help us to locate the right coupons for the appropriate coupons which we are willing to buy. There are many out there, but once we use the coupon we get some extra discount and that’s it, the series of benefits end there. There is a new website which we have come across, it is being named as Couponchaska and they provide you a mobile recharge for using the discount coupon available on their website, which as of now no other website does. The most common question comes to our mind, that how they are doing this, and how is this benefitting them.

The answer is quite simple, their business or revenue model is little different from the usual websites which you have visited till now. They will make the money via affiliate marketing when you purchase anything via them, a small percent of the amount which the website has received from your shopping will be given back to you in form of a mobile recharge. Now, they could have given that amount as a direct transfer to you but then it would have been profitless for them, instead they are using a mobile recharge which again helps them to generate revenue from the cellular data subscriber.

Obviously they are reducing their profit margins as compared to the other website but then they will be increasing the traffic on their website because they are the only website giving such advantage to the users who are using the coupon codes available on their website. The moment you open the home page you will see the number of coupons categorized as per the name of those ecommerce website and you will just have to enter the mobile and you e-mail address to use those coupons and get the recharge done.

It will take 10 days to get the recharge and the maximum amount of recharge for every shopping will be 120 INR only. The website seems to be decent as per their User Interface, though we don’t have much feedback as the website is quite new. Hence, we would recommend you to use it once and experience their service, as you don’t have to spend anything to get the recharge and coupon code from their website. Do let us know about your experience we would be happy to share them.


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