The Benefits Offered by the Tata Chennai Projects

Tata Value Homes Chennai comprises of two projects- Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk and Santorini. Both the projects are vastly ...

Tata Value Homes Chennai comprises of two projects- Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk and Santorini. Both the projects are vastly different from one another and yet have been undertaken by the same builder. Both the projects are underway to target a different set of buyers.

But even with their differences, there are some standard similarities between the two. These similarities are not in the construction style but the construction norms. There has been a considerable focus on green architecture and prevention of environmental degradation in the construction process. The Tata Housing Chennai division, just like anywhere else shares the responsibility of maintaining the environment and not disturbing the ecology of a place.

Tata Santorini

Tata Santorini from Tata Housing comprises of Spanish styled homes. The project taps into buyers looking for family accommodations which offer them a culture which is similar to the culture of Chennai. Hence before the design structure is explained, it is important to briefly review the social fabric of Chennai.

The city has had a traditional outlook for a long time and it still persists. There is strong harmony amongst social communities and the family values are strong even in the modern times. Hence most buyers from Chennai seek housing for their families and in a setting that allows considerable community level interaction.

Santorini offers just that. The whole project has been designed with low-rises which are merely four floors high. Most of these accommodations oversee a courtyard which has been designed to have green patches. The whole project is spread out in an area of 18 acres. There are podium gardens and a palm court also.

Santorini premises are located minutes away from some of the best schools in the city and all the other amenities are either within the premises or at most half an hour away. One can choose from 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK accommodations in this project.

Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk

Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk is a modern avatar of urban housing in Chennai. This project has been established close to a lake and comprises of elements which exhibit the free nature of human soul. The name has been derived from the spirit of a free flowing ribbon which has also been compared with the meandering flow of a river. The landmark walkways of the project have been designed in the same manner. The areas between these meandering pathways which overlook a lake have been covered in green patches.

New Haven Ribbon Walk is made up of futuristic and modern residences as per the choice of buyers who have started to look at modern lifestyle and nuclear families. Therefore, there are 1 BHK accommodations available along with 2 and 3 BHK homes. There are numerous options available to choose from. The community facilities include an elevated swimming pool, a free form club house and a library. For those who love outdoors, there are gardens available with seats and canopies. All in all, the housing society allows a wholesome lifestyle.

The project is located minutes away from some of the most prominent hubs of economic activity in Chennai. The area has Vellore schools in the vicinity and GST- OMR connector roads are not far off.

In Conclusion

Chennai has a lot to offer where Tata Housing is concerned. The two major projects by Tata Housing present an impressive opportunity to invest in real estate in the city.


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