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It has always been said that B2B space is a much better place to start your business, as the number of customers in the place are so less as compared to B2C market but the amount being paid by any one of them is really huge. We have already seen that how Askmebazaar has tried to enter the market with their main portal and few other sister websites. We already reported about their main application and then dealguru portal, which was enough to please the customers and now it seems that Askmebazaar has taken a nice step to lure the B2B customers who only shop in bulk. is a new portal launched recently to create a network of wholesale retailers. This portal will be really useful for the purchase department of your company. It will help you to get the office supplies at highly reasonable process by striking of all the middlemen and intermediaries who have been eating up a huge amount in the supply chain of the products.
Now, with a minimum fee of 1000 INR, you will be able to register among one of the buyers on the platform. The portal will provide you with the full contact details of the seller registered on the website. You can ask them to deliver a sample to your office which can be followed by the quote which the seller will send to you. If you want to take this deal off the website, then you have the option to do so but it is recommended that this portal should be used as a secure for exchanging the product and money, especially when you are dealing with the new sellers. does not have any responsibility of the products shipment because such a huge order requires a special attention towards the shipping which will be taken care by the seller itself and hence shipping charges will also be included in the quote while making the final deal. If we recall then, this is something was also followed by one of the ecommerce global giants named as Alibaba. It also started in dealing with the bulk orders and then later on came to the section of B2C, which involved selling a customer personally. We also hope that following the same lines, this wholesale portal will also be a huge hit.


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