WhatsApp vs Hike vs LINE vs Viber - Which is the best Messaging app?

Out of nowhere, the messenger apps forayed into the world of communication and took over everything, including the popular Short Messaging services or SMS too. There are several messenger apps like WhatsApp, Hike, LINE and Viber amongst various others. These are some of the names which have been able to create a name for itself in this field of communication. WhatsApp download and the other messaging app downloads mentioned in this post are completely free of cost. Though there is stiff competition amongst them, but still you will find that there are stuffs that are quite similar in each of them and some points are quite different as well.

Comparing all the platform

Now, if you want to decide which option will be best suited for you, then here is a comparison between the messenger apps, WhatsApp, Hike, LINE and Viber.
  • Registration is easy – In most cases, you will have to register with your phone number mainly. There are few messenger apps which allow you to register with your email id as well. Apart from LINE, all other messenger apps can be registered through phone numbers only. In case of LINE, an additional verification of email comes into action. This might be annoying for some users as well.
  • Sending and receiving text, images and videos – LINE and Hike has the options of stickers which are like the emoticons. The sticker concept was made popular by LINE and it also enables easy sharing of files as well. Both LINE and Hike has the option of timeline where sharing of status has been made possible. WhatsApp and Viber, on the other hand, are on the same line with only one exception and that is Viber doesn’t allow sharing videos with others. In WhatsApp, chatting is really simple as there is only one box available where all conversations are visible and all other features are easy to use too.
  • Availability – The main problem with most of them is that, they are not compatible with every platform. WhatsApp is the most popular of the lot and is compatible with everything starting from the Android device to Symbian to Blackberry, Windows phone as well as iOS devices too. You can now download WhatsApp for PC too. Viber is also made available for every platform just like WhatsApp but Hike is only compatible with iOS devices and Android devices, whereas LINE is compatible with Android, iOS and Blackberry devices but not with Symbian.
  • Media Size allowed – WhatsApp has restricted the size limit to 16MB as compared to that of Hike which allows 100MB. So, in here Hike seems to be a clear winner. The Viber and LINE also have some restrictions on media file size.
After comparing almost all the features, you will see that WhatsApp is the most favorable messenger app because of the easy to use interface and everything is available under one roof.  Though the other messengers are trying hard to compete with the popularity of WhatsApp messengers, but they are lagging behind in the ease of use and again there are some which are not available for all kinds of platforms.


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