Use utorrent and BitTorrent with TorGuard VPN and Download Anonymously


Downloading copyright protected files is a common thing, which is being done using torrents. Although it is illegal, a lot of people do it and share these files among friends and family by further creating more torrents. Excessive use of torrents can lead to getting a harrowing letter from your ISP. (You may not know it, but yes, ISPs are keeping track of your internet activity, as soon as they get to know that you are very active in using torrents, you get a harrowing letter). Therefore, Use of a VPN service is a must while using torrents. You can't trust any new VPN service, as they may promise big initially, but they may have hidden charges which you get to know at a later stage. Also your data and personal information are at stake. We need a service, which does not charge us an extra amount, no matter which server we connect to. TorGuard is One such service which proves to be the best VPN service.

Why do I consider TorGuard VPN service to be the Best?

No Logs VPN

TorGuard VPN service is a No-logs VPN service, this means that this service keeps no logs of you internet activity. You can connect to any server in the world to download any torrent you like, and these guys will never keep track of your online activity. Even if a third-party forces them to share our personal information, they won't do it. In an extreme case, of a court order, they would just give an explanation in technical terms about their service that, they have not kept any record of users, and they don't have any data on internet activity of their user. So far, they have never revealed details of any of their users to a third-party.

Hides IP Address

Using conventional applications like PeerGuard is no longer safe, as hacker and third-parties can easily bypass the security provided by them. You need an application which hides your IP address well and protect your utorrent and BitTorrent traffic from getting viewed by hackers. TorGuard VPN is one such service, which protects all your personal information while torrenting.


TorGuard Offers BitTorrent and Utorrent focussed Anonymous VPN service. Some of the features of this VPN service are:-  
  • Unlimited uTorrent VPN services
  • Get Gigabit Connections with Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Speed
  • 100% server Uptime
  • Platforms Supported: Mac, Windows, Android, Linux
  • Account Activation: Instant
  • 24x7 customer support with online chat support on the official TorGuard portal
  • More than 200 IP address to choose from.
  • Servers based in 33+ countries


If you are a kind of personal, who wants to keep his/her downloads private and does not want the world to see them, you need to use torrents via an external torrent VPN service like TorGuard which is encrypted well enough to prevent your privacy from hackers. I recommend all of you guys to prevent Bandwidth throttling and personal information by using the Torrent Proxy and VPN service by TorGuard.


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