Android L Beating Every Other Phone OS

I, you and everyone knows what Android has been for phones. Currently Google’s Android is globally the largest used phone operating system and is also supposed to be like it in future too. This huge OS has recently come with a new version and has taken the phone using to a new level. Now we all want to know how it has beaten other big operating systems in the market like iOS 8 and windows. Let me give you a brief overview of the triumph of Android L. You can see iOS 9 Release Date as well here.

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Windows 8.1 vs. Android L

Android and Windows have been in battle since the very start because both are open for every phone manufacturer and they have been used very frequently by big brands. The thing about Android is that it was specially designed to give budget smartphones but it has proven to be the best in expensive ones too. While on the other hand Windows have been a chief of costly devices. But some recent Nokia phones have made it to the pockets of budget mobile users too.
Now talking about the Windows 8.1, we know that window own its own stylish user interface and this has been highly popular one too since the Window 8 for phone. But the Android has never been in boundaries of customization. Android L too has proved the same. The notification in Windows was better before but since the Jelly Bean, Android took it to a different level and now it is even cooler. There is a new call notification coming which will manage calls direct through notification center.
The Android L is safer than Window 8.1. The feature of safe network will make Android reliable on a safer networking style. It will auto detect the things we call “its own” devices of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or any other networking.
The battery management never came in Window but it did this time in Android. The Android L has given a new feature housing the ability of knowing which app is using how much battery.

Android L vs. iOS 8

When Apple released the iOS 8 on WWDC 2014, the features released were said to be copied from Android. It was true up to some point but the battery management was first showed in iOS 8 and then in Android L. But this doesn’t mean Android is anywhere less than iOS 8.
All the features which have been in Android before this update are enough to make iOS 8 lag behind it. The interactive notifications in iOS 8 were there in Android from the start. Now this Android L is going to be much higher in notification section and for touching that level, Apple still is lacking a couple of years.

All in all, Android L is going to be a vital thing in mobile and also the best till now too. In future, let’s hope these other operating systems especially Windows might get a chance to beat Android.

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