Best OLX TV AD Campaigns

OLX being a leading buy and sell community is making sensations by posting TV ad campaigns. And the AD Campaigns are that sensational and attracting more dealers and buyer from OLX community.  Most Campaigns include selling used cars for sale in India, used bikes in India, used monitors, used accessories, used spare parts, used mobile phones, used flat tv’s and much more stuff which you think that are necessary to buy and sell :D 

OLX is globally acclaimed company, based in New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Check out their OLX YouTube Channel .The company has a strong presence in 40 countries and caters to customers in major languages spoken in six continents.
And the Ads are quite related to buy or sell and also attractive. Some of the ads are related to selling specific products and here are few ad’s –

Selling PC’s Ad

This is the funniest ad where a Dad resists to sell his desktop as he wants to keep it as a memory, but when their kids say that it has got an offer of 7000 INR, then immediately the resisting father tells them to sell the desktop.  The Ad concludes that any product can be sold here… are you interested in these stuffs? Why don’t you start posting ads from today!  

Want to Sell or Rent your Apartment?

OLX  also lets you sell or rent your apartment, looking for houses on rent is now easier with OLX as it is the top leading community for free classifieds the owners posts about the house in the classifieds and if you are from the same local state or area then you have a chance to rent his house :D
See this funny commercial:

Selling Mobile phones

Selling mobiles in OLX has become much easier and faster. You don’t need to wait for long period to get calls, as this is the top leading community you ad will be reaching to millions of buyers and within few seconds of posting the AD you will start getting the calls. 
Check of the ad here –

These tv Ad campaigns attract a lot of users to buy or sell their products and that’s the reason OLX is promoting their stuff using this technique. You can sell any product in olx, you just need to post a free classified with pictures if you want and Run the ad, you will get you product sold with few minutes with good prices: D I am sure about that!
The classified website ventured into India in 2006. After creating a strong platform for itself for the first five years the company aired its first set of commercials in June 2011 with the tagline ‘Bech De’. The company aims to provide a fast and easy platform to its consumers to sell their goods and also purchase goods put on sale by other users. OLX’s ad campaigns in India have become a sensation on the television. How much will they contribute to its sales and profit is something which only time can tell. But the company seems to be on the right track with its Indian customers.


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