Recharging With Paytm For Your Mobile, DTH and Pocket?

What am I talking about here? Something more than just your phone’s credit balance, DTH recharges or bill payments that you need to make. If you’re anything like me and probably 90% of the population, then you dread having to sort out your bills on and offline.

The end and beginning of the month is that time of the month when everyone’s getting ready to settle their bills. Of course, each person has their preference for online recharge providers and there are lists to go through as well if you’re thinking of switching providers, just as long as you remember to take whatever list you encounter with a grain of salt. A lot of these lists haven’t been updated in far too long and exclude many great deals for online recharging that you can find with a bit of digging. Luckily for you, I’ve been coming across great online recharge deals recently (call it a stroke of luck). Let me take a second to remind you of the LineApp deal I found last month.  

This month’s goldmine is the recharge deal that I found through a coupon portal called They have a dedicated website just for India as well which made it a lot easier for me to find them out. Anyway, Paytm has been doing really well recently, especially after it announced that it was going to take its mobile services to another level by going mobile itself with the android, iPhone or Google phone app that you can download and use free of charge. This is probably a trend that you’ve noticed a lot if you’re into online shopping, but no other product or service suits this trend better than Paytm for mobile and DTH recharge for obvious reasons. They’ve captured the attention of users with a promo code that encourages new users to download their mobile app in return for a Paytm discount on recharge. At least that’s the deal that they’ve got going now and running up until the end of June. 

So how can Paytm recharge your pocket as well as your mobile? By simply giving you a 10% cash back. That’s good news for new Paytm users! Old and returning users will be sure to stick around for new discounts that Paytm are likely to upload over the next few months as well.
If you’re thinking of switching providers then I’ll bet you’re glad you came by this. 


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