WhatsApp is Down

Well Guys, The Most popular Messaging service WhatsApp is down and for the past one hour approximately users haven’t been able to send messages. It was last seen working at 12am 23rd Feb 2014 IST
  We personally have got to know this from our researchers that this service is facing some serious issues and they are working hard to fix it and might we'll see the same working within few hours. Well, There's no word on how long it may take to get it back to the track but let's hope for the best.

Whatsapp is Down

So Now, When you open WhatsApp, it keeps on connecting to its server but it actually could able to. it's quite almost similar to when you open whatsapp without a data connection, its just like that only.
See i have attached the screenshot of the settings page of whatsapp and it says its connecting, but actually its not able to because whatsapp servers are down. Shit Whatsapp is down man. :/

Whatsapp connectivity issue - Whatsapp is Down
Whatsapp is Down

As you all know, Mark Zuckerberg just aquired Whatsapp 2 days back and got few changes too like bringing an hide last seen option on android and wtf now, the application only is down.
lets hope for the best. 

Whatsapp is down now, lets see what can be done now because more than half of the people around the world are on whatsapp.


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