Comparative Study of Dedicated Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting

Other than shared hosting dedicated hosting and Cloud VPS hosting are two other available options. Now, these hosting have several similarities between them. Then how can one decide upon which to chose.
On the very first hand, one would need to locate his own needs. You must be clear about the nature of your website. Whether you need a static website stuffed with many articles, or is it going to be one offering free apps and tools. Also, you must be user if the site is going to be a community-based site that would grow on its own. If you have ready answers to these questions, the task of buying a hosting becomes all the more easier.

In case the site intended to be prepared is a static one, then there would be no need for VPS or dedicated servers. Shared hosting accounts are great options, if hundreds of sites are not to be hosted. On the other hand, community based sites or sites that offer free apps will be benefitted by a dedicated or VPS server.
With both of the server, the admin gets full control over the site and the hosting environment can be changed according to his wish.
Both VPS and dedicated hosting gives you full control of the server. As the admin, you can customize the hosting environment. You can't do that in a shared environment. The numbers of server’s resources these hosting offer are fixed. Resources like the hard disk space or the RAM are allocated to the admin’s account for his own use. As the websites in a shared hosting share the same resources amongst themselves, more than often, they take too much time to load, even when the sites are static. Such an issue is never faced in a VPS or dedicated server.
These were some of the similarities. However, the differences must as well be kept in mind while making a purchase.
Though the VPS reside within the same server, it is actually a virtual server and hence there is no physical server. Sophisticated server software is used to partition the VPS. Though the server functions as a standalone, actually it is functioning on a shared server. The software however, enables VPs to isolate itself into different compartments and no one compartment will affect any other.
Thus, VPS servers often offer small number of resources as they are split across the partitions. Your decision must depend upon the resources. While VPS offers a maximum of 512 MB RAM, the dedicated servers offer 2GB or more RAM.
Thus, dedicated server increase the scalability of a site. But it depends upon whether you intend to make your website reach that stage or not. Most websites work great on a VPS or shared server.
Dedicated servers are most useful for community sites. Those who are starting a new website, they need not go for a dedicated server at the very beginning itself. VPS servers will serve your need initially and late you can switch over to dedicated servers if your needs demand so.

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