Career Opportunities: Cisco Certified Specialist

Cisco is a giant multinational company headquartered in US. It is a world’s leading networking company that makes networking tools and equ...

Cisco is a giant multinational company headquartered in US. It is a world’s leading networking company that makes networking tools and equipment. It has presence in nearly all IT firms across the world with its engineers also providing routing and networking solutions. In fact, Cisco is sold and used in so many organizations around the world that the company thought it pertinent to issue certifications to individuals that validated their skills to work comfortably in IT environments where Cisco tools were heavily used. A Cisco certified specialist is welcome with open armsby the industry because he can be relied upon to work seamlessly with Cisco hardwareand networking tools.

Different levels and paths of Cisco certifications
Cisco certifications are respected and acknowledged by the industry. Any Cisco certified specialist can expect a better paying and attractive job opening in an IT firm dealing with networking solutions. There are many different certifications available from Cisco and all of them are divided into different categories that are labeled as Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect and preparation material is available on Certs Home. These levels indicate increasing proficiency in a particular subject. Thus you can start with the entry level and go up to the highest level of accreditation called Architect. In addition tolevels,thereare also different paths such as network security,routing and switching, service provider,and so on tochoose the job profileand roleyou play in an organization. The other paths whereyou can choose to become a Cisco certified specialist are wireless, voice,storage networking, serviceprovider operations,network security,and design.

Cisco certifications open new paths of career advancement
If you are a networking orarchitectureengineerin an IT firm,it is prudent to go for Cisco certifications. This is because Cisco certifications are so well known that they are virtually used by organizations as a standard while selecting candidates for a particular job opening or when deciding on a particular employee to shoulder a responsibility inside the organization. In fact, a Cisco certified specialist is considered fit for a job even if the company makes use of hardware form a different company other than Cisco. It is not just job opportunities that drastically increase with a Cisco certification but also your income levels as you go up levels in Cisco certifications. You earn higheras your levelof Cisco certification goeshigher.

If you are just starting out in your career as a networking engineer, it is better to go for the CCNA certification. Cisco CCNA certification stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. You become a Cisco certified specialist with this qualification and it becomes your entry level certification. After this you can go in for higher certifications from Cisco depending upon your chosen path and the rolein your organization. You can choose to become CCDP, CCNP, or even CCIE to demonstrate higher levels of expertise to your seniors. Moving on to higher level such as Expert and Professional will help you to get a higher income hob that is also very important.


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