10 Image Compressors to Speed up your Website

When you are visiting any website would you like to wait for long time for the page to load? Wouldn’t you just love it when it opens up as soon as you click it? There are various reasons why the speed of the websites goes down. Speed is also a factor in the search engine optimization so if you want to top the list then it is important that you do everything possible to speed up your website.

Why it is so important to speed up website –

  • In order to retain customers you must speed up
  • If you want to increase sales then also it is necessary that you have high speed otherwise people will lose interest
  • Users have thousands of options so if you are not quick enough then the customer is bound to move on to the next option
  • You will have improved ROI with increased speed

10 image compressors to speed up website are –

  1. Smush.IT – This one is helpful as it doesn’t affect the quality of the image while compressing and this one comes from Yahoo! Developer. It supports all major files such as JPEG, PNG and GIF but the maximum size is restricted to 1 MB. 

  2. JPEG Optimizer – This one has the ability to compress photo up to 99%. You can use this image compressor free of cost, here you can upload the image, select the level of compression, then choose the width of the image and when the all the selection are made you have to press the button which says optimize photo and you are done.

  3. Image Optimizer– You can avail this service for free or you can pay a $50 for the paid version. The only difference between the free version and the paid version is that you will be able to remove the text that appears at the bottom. You can compress and resize all your images at once and you will be able to select the width and the height to which the image will be compressed.

  4. JPEG Reducer– This tool is also for free nd you can compress the image without affecting the image quality by clicking on the button which says Reduce it.

  5. PNG Optimizer–All the useless and unimportant PNG files are converted into BMP or TGA which consumes less space thus increasing the speed of your website.

  6. BluBox– The free version comes with ads and the paid version will cost you $35. You can compress image up to 90% and supporting more than 60 common formats of images. You will get the chance of previewing the ZIP archives too apart from slideshow features that is available.

  7. Compress Now– This free of cost online service where you can upload multiple images of maximum 10 in numbers and size of 3 MB which can be optimized and it supports GIF, PNG and JPG formats.

  8. FILEMinimizer Pictures– You can compress the JPG, GIF, PNG,BMP and EMF image format up to 98%. After compressing you can send the files through emails or you can also upload it in social media site.

  9. Shrink Pictures–This is an online uploader where you can choose the size of the image to be compressed. Apart from compressing the size you can also add some special effects too.

  10. Image Optim– It handles the three files JPEG, PNG and GIF formats and the process involves drag and drop method. You can also remove unnecessary comments too with the help of this tool. 

Author Bio:
This article has been written by Robert William. Robert William is a hosting expert who is running various hosting related sites to solve problems. Now he is writing about InMotion where he is sharing InMotion Discount these days.


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  1. well i have used imageurl most. this is faster as compared to others as well.