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Overview The SMSP certification (social media security professional) which aims to validate the understanding related to social media ...

The SMSP certification (social media security professional) which aims to validate the understanding related to social media networks and the risks associated with these sites which can be debilitating for an organization. Individuals who earn SMSP credential have the abilities for anticipating security attacks and make the organization’s critical information safe and sound. The SMSP professionals assist organization in formulating principles of information security and possess the skills for effective risk management.

SMSP certification validates:

In accordance with Selftest training, earning a SMSP credential verifies an individual’s knowledge about social networking security and the abilities to safeguard an organization’s sensitive infrastructure. SMSP is a vendor neutral credential and is one of its kind certification. There is no other social media security certification available in the market till date.

Domains covered by SMSP certification exam:

The social media security professional certification, SMSP covers various domains including theory and principles of social media security, technicalities involved in social media platforms, security risks in social media channels, security and risk management of social media, and effective management of social media security.

SMSP exam information

The SMSP or social media security professional exam requires the candidate to attempt 85 questions within the time limit of one and a half hour. In order to pass the exam, a candidate is required to score 700 points otherwise he would be declared as fail.

SMSP certification’s retake policy

The social media security professional certification powered by CompTIA remains valid for a period of three years. In order to refresh the status of the certification, the candidate has to retake the SMSP exam before the credential expires. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the SMSP certification, candidates also have to earn fifteen CEUs or continuing education units.

Recommended training course

The official recommended training course for the effective preparation of SMSP certification is social media security professional prep course for which registrations can be made via Ultimate Knowledge Institute (UKI).

Why get an SMSP certification?

There is an increased demand of technicians and experts who are able to minimize risks involved in social media networks. This demand has also been requested by the United States of America’s defense department. SMSP certification is the first and only social media security credential, therefore earning this certification would give you an edge over other IT experts and employers would prefer to hire SMSP certified candidates over non certified experts.

Career prospects after earning SMSP certification:

SMSP is a highly valuable certification which can open numerous doors of opportunities for the holders of this certification. Individuals who earn SMSP credential can render services as a network technician, security architect, network administrator, security administrator, and security engineer. Apart from this individuals can get various posts in the defense and security department of various organizations who want to make their network infrastructure secure to avoid attacks by social media hackers.

Candidates who are interested in earning social media security professional certification can get all the required information pertaining to exam registration and study material at CompTIA and UKI’s official website.


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