How Instagram Can Help You In Brand Creation?

If recent studies are to be believed, there are over 40 percent Instagram videos that are created by famous brands such as MTV or Nike. The...

If recent studies are to be believed, there are over 40 percent Instagram videos that are created by famous brands such as MTV or Nike. The study also points out one more important thing and that is there are almost 80 different brands that are promoting their products with the help of Instagram. Some of those brands are Red Bull, Disney, Samsung and Nike.
The above-mentioned figures are enough to generate curiosity in the mind of the different companies to promote and create their own brand with the help of Instagram. As the number of Instagram is increasing with each passing day, it seems that creation and promotion of your brand with the help of Instagram can prove to be extremely beneficial especially in the longer run.

How Instagram can help you in Brand Creation and Promotion?
·   As per the study the most shard and viewed brand on Instagram is the MTV that has about 80 different videos that have attracted a whooping 134000 shares on the Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms.
·   The study also shows that out of 1000 different categories of business on Instagram Clothing, Apparel and Entertainment are the most popular categories of business.
·   Hence with the above mentioned results you can also make full use of Instagram to create and promote your brand and in case you want to have case study you can do that as well by studying various promotion programs on Instagram.
·    Instagram popularity can be very judged from this fact that shows about this figure which says that there are about 176016 unique videos on Instagram that have been shared which is almost 10 percent of unique videos shared over the popular website YouTube.
·   The study also shows that nine out of every 10 videos on Instagram are shared through Facebook.
All the above-mentioned data are enough to consider Instagram as the next preferred destination for marketing of your product and brand. Moreover, Instagram also help you to develop website building in an easy and very convenient manner.

Tips to use Instagram for brand creation and promotion
·   The first and the foremost tip are to get complete knowledge about how to make full use of Instagram for your business.
·   The second tip is to create a balance between the fun images and the pictures that are related to your business.
·   Once you have the promotion page and material ready, it is now time to increase your following and you can do that by connecting the account with popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
·   You can also engage more and more users with your brand by liking their posts and comments.
·   It is always good if you can create a backend team in your office that can brainstorm and come out with new and unique ideas to promote your brand.
In order to successfully incorporate your business promotion with Instagram you can seek help from professional SEOIndia Agency and the results that you will get out of this incorporation are going to be quite encouraging and fruitful.


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