Creating a perfect work plan in power point

In today’s business world PowerPoint presentations are frequently used. The PowerPoint presentati...

In today’s business world PowerPoint presentations are frequently used. The PowerPoint presentation is a very useful tool not only for management presentation but also useful for marketing presentations. A very good visual interesting verbal presentation is done with the help of PowerPoint. New images, diagrams make the complex concepts very easy and clear to understand. So here are the many ways or the instructions  for creating a perfect work plan in PowerPoint.

1. First we must create an outline of the information that we want to give or include.

2. We can select a template by opening Microsoft power point. By clicking on the design tab on the top toolbar we can select the available templates or the other option is to select a solid background with the company's logo on each page.

3. Create an introduction slide, which must have the company's name, the title of the presentation with the presenter's name. If the presenter is from a different company or from another organization provide a title for his and  his company's name separately.

4. For each primary topic different slide must be created. At the top of the slide the main topic that is the title must be included. On each slide on the main text box add point about each topic. As if we use template “click to add title “will be shown in a text box.

5. The main point or the aim of the power point presentation in the script is not that what you read verbally but its main purpose is to give brief notes and cues that the audience and the speaker can follow.

6. We can search the internet or google for the images that are related to our topics. We can use images from many sites like Flickr creative commons or stock exchange but we have to pay them credit or to the copyright holder. We must add appropriate or suitable images to the slides and we must place at the bottom of the slide that image copyright (owner's name) on (name of site). We must write the name of the copyright holder in place of the owner's name with name of site where the image was found from.

7. We can add animation to the slide. For business presentation simple and easy animations are better and appropriate. We can choose from the animation tool bar number of seconds for each slide and how it should advance during the presentation. We can also select or we can elect each bullet point to advance at a given interval of time

8. Make a practice of the presentation with slide show. With the slides advancing we must have enough time to get across the pond. The bullet points must be short and simplified while creating them make the necessary adjustments .

Tips and warnings:

Under the slide an area is there for adding notes where we can add detailed notes. While printing  the note pages of slide the note will print each slide for use. The audience can't see it but it will make presentation smoother for you.

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