Can blogging help you sell you products

Have you ever wondered why so many people do blogging?? If you haven't thought of it, then its now time to give it a thought. Why ...

Have you ever wondered why so many people do blogging?? If you haven't thought of it, then its now time to give it a thought.

Why people do blogging?? Some people want to share their daily moments with their friends, some people want to save their delightful memories, some people wants to build new relationships while some want to earn a passive income.

Overlooking the previous reasons, let's just concentrate on earning a passive income from blogging. Can you?? Of course, you can. There are many ways that can help you in earning a steady income from your blog. You can offer advertising option on your blog, put ads or do affiliate marketing to earn some bucks. in this sense, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money.

But there is other way too that can generate high income. This method is to create a product of your own and sell it.

Here another question arises - "Can blogging help in selling your products?"

So here I am writing about some points that will clear the doubts in your mind about the same question.

Point #1:-

With blogging you get to know more and more people, thus you make some new friends that live in different corners of the world. As you get new friends, chances that they will become your loyal readers are maximum. So you will have a large number of readerships. 

SO if you create a product that is useful to your readers and other bloggers, they will surely give it a try. And if your blogger friends will like it they surely will promote it with their readers, thus an increased customer base.

Point #2:-

You can create a squeeze page or a landing page to promote your product. As it is your product, you are at the liberty to try out every tactic to sell it. Carry out promotional offers, give coupon codes for discount, and organize giveaways on your blogs and other blogs as well.

Create landing page of your blog and aim at getting more email subscribers for your blog.
As you know more subscribers means you have more audience that can become your customers.

Point #3:-

Open up your product as an affiliate product. Ask your friends and other people to join in as affiliate or use marketplaces like ClickBank or Commission junction to gain affiliates.
Offer a good incentive to people who sell your product.

By doing this, you can ensure yourself, that your product is being marketed in most of the places where you were unable to reach on your own. As a result, high sales, high income.


All the above points will work once you have created a product that can generate great demand. Other thing is that your blog must have a high number of loyal readers and subscribers. If these two things are satisfied then you can go on to sell your products in many ways. Tell your brain to think of a method to sell it to everyone, and bang you will become an online businessman from a normal blogger.

About the Author – I am Arun Rana a dedicated 21 years old Part time blogger ,loves to Play Cricket and other Sports & running a T20 related Blog CLT20 2013. Currently a (Mechanical ) 3rd year student living in New Delhi .


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  1. ya its true, through blogging also we can sell our product/ services, before that we need to get our blog more popular, thanks for this informative post.

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