Most Embarrassing and Awkward Moments In Music

Awkward things can happen to the greatest musicians and celebrities. Check the list of worlds most embarrassing and awkward situation in the history of music.

5. Eminem Is Racist...?

Eminem Is Racist...?
To prove Eminem a Racist "Source" member came out with controversial tape showing Eminem using Ni---a word at black woman he said " All the girls I like to bone have big butts/No they don't, 'cause I don't like that ****** !!/I'm just here to make a bigger hit." This was one of the most controversial moments which later Eminem's explained that he is not racist he was just angry at his black girlfriend.

  4. When Dr. Dre was dissed by Eazy-E

Dr. Dre was dissed by Eazy-E
The biggest and most controversial feud in the history of gangsta rap was Eazy-E Vs Dr. Dre .They both dropped various singles to insult each other but Eazy's most successful song "Real Mu*****ng G's" just make the situation worst for Dre .In this single Dre was dubbed studio gangsta who wear lipstick (Damn it’s a trip how a n----a can go so quick from wearing lipstick to smoking on Chronic at Picnic,"). Really most embarrassing moment in Dre's life.

 ''All of a sudden ,Dr. Dre is a G thang
But on his old album cover, He was a she thang''

3. When Katy Perry Dives Into Cake

Katy Perry Dives Into Cake
At MTV Latin America awards Katy perry suffered very embarrassing and slippery situation when she fell into big cakes. All seemed to be going to plan until she tried to make her way from the stage and she humorously felled into cake ( Three Times )and Katy left the stage crawling on her hands and knees.

2."Gimme More" By Britney Spears

Fat Britney
"I looked like fat PIG" that's what Britney  said after her disastrous appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards .Watching a flabby, fatty Spears wobble uninspired on the stage was surely heartbreaking and highly embarrassing .She struggle to dance and showed her super toned body during her performance in front of thousands of fans . Simon Cowell said "If I had been looking after Britney I'd have taken one look at her in rehearsals and I wouldn't have allowed her on stage ". "Really embarrassing ".

1. When Fergie Wets Her Pants

Fergie Wets Her Pants
What will happen if someone performs live in front of thousands of fans and "Wet his Pants ". Well it will be most embarrassing moment for anyone.Same happened with  superstar Fergie .During her concert she wet her pants in front of many fans and cameras . Later she confessed it and said that it was most embarrassing situation in her life.She said, : "I had a few drinks before going onstage, but I didn't think to go to the bathroom.We had to rush onstage before I had the chance to go to the restroom. It was a very embarrassing night for me."

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