Strange Sound Effect / illusions Collection

Sound/Music Illusion (auditory illusions) are special effect  that trick our brain to listen and imagine something else than reality. There are several ways in which people perceive these sounds. From "Virtual Haircut" to unique "Mg gurk effect" check out collection of the amazing selected sound illusion that will thrill you.


Audio Illusion " Virtual Haircut "

This amazing Sound effect make you feels like you are in barber's chair ready for haircut You can easily identify barber movement as he move left and right .It tells ability of our ears of comparing the inputs to the two ears, we can work out where a sound is coming from. Just close your eyes and you are ready for your virtual haircut.

 NOTE: Listen through stereo headphones or stereo speaker.

MgGurk Effect

Close your eyes, play this movie, and listen. Open your eyes, replay and listen again. Is he saying "ba ba" or "da da"?. Most of adults (98%) think they are hearing “DA”. It's called the McGurk effect in reality you are hearing the sound “BA”, while you are seeing the lip movements “GA”.

 NOTE: Listen through stereo headphones or stereo speaker.

3D Haunted Forest ( Holophonic )

This amazing 3D Sound Illusion called "Holophonic". This Holophonic Sound is designed to make your mind imagine and experience that you are in haunted forest. Just close your eyes and experience magic.

NOTE: Listen through stereo headphones or stereo speaker in silent room.

3D Virtual Thunderstorm

It is holophonic sound effect which make your ears and brain experience thunderstorm . Close your eyes for the during  "Virtual Thunderstorm" and experience astonishing thunder storm illusion .

 NOTE: Listen through stereo headphones or stereo speaker

Matchstick Illusion 

Similar to "Virtual Haircut " You will experience someone is shaking and lightning up match stick in this stunning illusion. Make sure there is no noise around, close your eyes, turn the volume up a little bit.

  NOTE: Listen through stereo headphones or stereo speaker

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