Tupac Vs Biggie Biggest Rap Battle

Tupac Vs Biggie

How Rivalry of  Tupac and Biggie started?

Rivalry of  Tupac and Biggie started when Biggie released its track "Who Shot Ya?". "Biggie".Tupac was shot five times in an apparent murder attempt and robbed at the lobby of Quad Recording Studios .Shakur felt that the song was related to him. Rappers slandered one another with increasing viciousness and frequency. This songs added fuel the East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry and most venomous battle in rap history between Tupac and Biggie started .

Who Shot Ya? - The Notorious B.I.G

"Who shot Ya" is one of the most controversial rap song by legendary rapper "The Notorious B.I.G". This song  was interpreted related to Tupac's attempted murder/robbery . Shakur felt that the song was directed at him and the biggest rivalry in the history hip-hop started .Biggie also performed the song live and said ""I made this song months ago. He [Tupac] probably won't believe me "

"Who shot ya?Separate the weak from the obsolete, Hard to creep them Brooklyn streets"

Hit 'Em Up - Tupac Shakur

Hit Em Up is one of the best diss track toward "Biggie Smalls" by Tupac. This track features Outlawz and 2pac anger toward biggie can easily be seen by Listening this track .This song is most  hard-core song ever by Tupac .This song is often called beginning of the war between the East Coast and the West Coast.

" First off, fuck your bitch, And the click you claim
West side when we ride, Come equipped with game
You claim to be a player, But I fucked your wife
We bust on Bad Boys ,niggas fuck for Life
Plus Puffy tryin' to see me weak ,Hearts I rip
Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia ,some mark ass bitches "

Tupac Vs Biggie

Who Won ...?

The feud eventually escalated from a battle of words to a bloody war. Tupac and Biggie both men were shot multiple times.Shakur was killed in Las Vegas. Notorious B.I.G. was killed down in Los Angeles.Their murders remain unsolved and There are"NO WINNER WITH NO SURVIVOR"

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