World's Most Costly Music Videos Ever

World's Most Expensive Music Videos Ever   5. Aqua – Cartoon Heroes    Cartoon Heroes is song by Aqua fro...

World's Most Expensive Music Videos Ever


5. Aqua – Cartoon Heroes 


Cartoon Heroes is song by Aqua from their album  "Aquarius" . It is Aqua's most expensive video of budget of 3.5 million dollars .It is space themed video although it was not much commercial successful compared to their previous song Barbie .

4. Guns N Roses – Estranged 


Estranged is music video by rock band Guns N Roses .It is one of the longest video by Guns N Roses  ( 9:23 min) .The total budget of this video was 4 million dollars making it most expensive and greatest music video by Guns N Roses . This video was epic, theatrical and extremely expensive.

3. Michael Jackson    "Black or White"

Black or White is popular song by legendary musician "Micheal Jackson" from album Dangerous .It is most to ever watch a music video( audience of 500 million viewers ).This is Micheal jackson's second most expensive music video with the budget of 4 million dollars .

2. Madonna – Express Yourself 


Express Yourself is song by famous singer Madonna from her album Like A Prayer .It was most expensive video when it was made. The total budget of this video was 5 million dollars . It is also greatest and one of the most famous song by Madonna mainly about female empowerment and it portrayed Madonna as masculine .

1. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson  - Scream


Scream is song/music video by one of the most famous singer and dancer Micheal Jackson.It is one of the most critically acclaimed song by Micheal Jackson. It also won 11 MTV music video award nominations and it is listed as #9 "Greatest music videos".It is most "Expensive Music Videos Ever" with a record breaking budget of 7 million dollars.

  Other Expensive Music Videos :

  • Michael Jackson – Bad 
  • MC Hammer – Too Legit To Quit
  • Puff Daddy – Victory 
  • Will Smith – Miami
  • Busta Rhymes - What's It Gonna Be?
  • Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life
  • Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now

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