World's Most Underrated Rappers Ever

Most Underrated Rappers     5. Spice 1 Spice 1 is Real OG and gangsta rapper . Too Short discovered rap...

Most Underrated Rappers



5. Spice 1

Spice 1 underrated

Spice 1 is Real OG and gangsta rapper . Too Short discovered rapper Spice 1, who'd been born in Texas before moving to California .Spice was the first who spit gangsta shit in the Bay .His album is considered as classic even Tupac praised about his albums but he really was underrated.Check more about  Spice 1

Classic Songs :-

  • Trigga Got's no Heart
  • Welcome To The Ghetto
  • In my neighborhood
  • Strap on the side
  • Peace to my Nine


 4. B.G Knocc out

B.G Knocc out underrated

B.G was probably one of the most underrated rapper of all time.His skills on the mic were unbelievable. This rapper is famous for his collaboration with Eazy E in Real Muthafukkin G's .
Check more about Bg Knocc out

Classic Songs :-

  • Real Muthafukkin G's .
  • Dat's How i am Livin
  • Real Brothas
  • Jealousy 
  • Compton and watt


3. AZ 

AZ is Grammy nominated rapper who is one of the most underrated rapper .He is also in list of as most " Most Underrated Rappers of All Time" .His skill on Mic is amazing and he is known for his flow .He is known for his work with Nas in Illmatic .He is also  described as "arguably the most underrated lyricist ever.

Classic Songs :-

  • What Cha Day About
  • At Night 
  • Let's Toast 
  • Everything's Everything 
  • Problems


2. Immortal technique

Immortal technique underrated

Immortal Technique is underrated, and his songs are underrated. Very few rapper have talent like Immortal technique. His lyrics are awesome but his flow is amazing . He raps about controversial issues ranging from class struggle, poverty, religion ,etc

Classic Songs :-

  • Dance With The Devil
  • The Point of No Return
  • You Never Know
  •  Leaving the Past
  • The Cause of Death


1. MC Ren

MC Ren underrated

Mc Ren is former member of legendary group N.W.A and after N.W.A he started is solo career . MC Ren is an amazing Gangster Rapper, he has shown a lot of talent from his days in NWA ,He  wrote many  NWA's lyrics and recorded classic hits .His album Kizz My Black Azz in 1992 went platinum .But according to his talent he is most underrated rapper .

Classic Songs :-

  • Final Frontier
  • Kizz My Black Azz
  • V-Funk
  • Tha Real
  • Ruthless for life 

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  1. Yeah AZ so underrated check life's a bitch by him .......

  2. "B.G "is real Muthafucckinnn G

  3. MC REN is a LEGEND..

  4. I Appreciate your Work...! and nice lists.......

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