LL Cool J vs. Canibus Rap battle

This battle was between rap legend LL Cool J and Newcomer Canibus . Canibus started this famous rap battle over a line (  "L, is...

LL Cool J vs. Canibus

This battle was between rap legend LL Cool J and Newcomer Canibus .Canibus started this famous rap battle over a line (  "L, is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that" ) that Canibus wrote for his guest appearance on LL Cool J's song, “4,3,2,1.” Although Canibus refuse the reference to LL Cool J's microphone tattoo,but who care rap battle was already started. This is one of the hardest rap battle in the history of rap .Canibus was LL's fan so he knows about him.

"Second Round KO" - Canibus

Canibus released "Second Round KO"which is one World's top diss track ever  . Amazing lyrics , outstanding flow makes this one of the best diss tracks .It is like blueprint for today's diss tracks.This proofs that Canibus got skills to rip the legend LL Cool J . This diss contain vocals of Mike Tyson.

" I studied your background, read the book that you wrote
Research the footnotes bout how you used to sniff coke
Frontin like a drug free role model, you disgust me
I know bitches that seen you smoke weed recently
You walk around showin your body cuz it sells
Plus to avoid the fact that you aint got skillz
Mad at me cuz i kick that shit real niggas feel
When 99% of your fans wear high heels "


The Ripper Strikes Back - LL Cool J

LL Cool J answered back with "The Ripper Strikes Back", this song is O.k with nice beat but if we compare it to "Second Round KO" Then hands down to Second Round KO.

LL Cool J vs. Canibus" By the middle of March, when the pregnancy starts
In your ladies' placenta, that means L just entered
Duck taped your little bitch ass for frontin
You poor little crackhead ass ain't hurtin nuttin
Nigga you want the fame, now you're famous overnight
Famous for getting fucked by a stick of dynamite
You're weak nigga, you bout to die up in your sleep
The overlord of rap will never meet defeat
Pain and agony, I don't touch them zones
Fucking everlasting lyrical methods is my throne
Blast ya fifty pound ass and make you float
You read it shook nigga, I wrote the book, nigga "


Winner : Canibus ("Second Round KO" ) 

(Check World's top diss track ever )

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  1. Canibus all the wayyyyyy

  2. Canibus Killed ll cool J


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