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Everybody wants to be famous but main problem is that they lack Skills or opportunity . In today's hi tech world you can find many on...

Everybody wants to be famous but main problem is that they lack Skills or opportunity . In today's hi tech world you can find many online platforms like you tube , Facebook , twitter ,etc to become famous .But Youtube is best place to make yourself  famous online.Justin Beiber wouldn't even exist if youtube was not there .

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 Step 1:- Chose your category

Chose that category in which you are interested . Always choose  smaller niches  or take the road less traveled  as you will have more chance  to become special and  noticeable . Check videos of other artists to get some tips and experience . Always chose category in which you perfect like music ( parodies are great ) , dance , Rapper , acting , stunting , skateboarding  , bodybuilding ,etc

Step 2 :- Be different and unique

Hey..! nobody will like or notice you if you just sing or dance average like thousands of others. If you make something that you wouldn't enjoy watching, what makes you think anyone will want to watch it? Be unique so you can get famous .Do stuffs that is unique , funny or in which you are expert . Be original and put good effort into your videos.
"Don't do unique things do things in unique ways"

Step 3 :- Post videos regularly and interact

Don't just post video once and wait to get huge response be consistence and post timely but quality content  Post more responses and interact with your subscriber. Log in everyday and keep your subscriber happy .

Step 4 :- Share your videos

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This is probably one of the most important step to be popular in Youtube . Always share your video in different forums , facebooktwitter , blogs and in other channel's video . It helps you to get consistently views and comments which will surely make you popular in you tube . Never lose hope share your video as much you can ( But not spam ) .Share your videos on site like

Step 5 :- Always put some interesting Title and tags 

Always put some attractive and interesting title and tags in your video as it will attract more and more users . Don't ever miss tag or inappropriate title of your videos because it will make viewer unhappy Make sure all of them are relevant and to the point .

Step 6 :- Keep trying

This is last and most important step don't ever lose hope it will take time to be famous and noticeable. It can take upto 1 month or 1 year to get famous in youtube or in real life .

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

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