World Fastest Rappers ever

There are a ton of fast rappers but here is list of "Worlds fastest Rappers" that also makes sense when they rhymes fast.

1. No Clue

Ricky Raphel Brown (born January 28, 1985), known by the stage name NoClue, is an American rapper from Seattle. He is known for obtaining the title of the world's official “fastest rap MC” by the Guinness World Records, for rapping 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds on his track "New West".

This rap was performed by Brown in under 2 seconds:
How fast can you flow?
It’s funny ‘cause they’re digging their own ditches
Thinkin’ they can come against me, let the Lord be my witness.


2. Twista

Twista is American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is well known for once holding the title of fastest rapper in the world according to Guinness World Records in 1992, being able to pronounce 598 syllables in 55 seconds. Check out his songs "Mista Tung Twista".

3. Krayzie Bone 

Krayzie Bone was a founding member of Mo Thugs Family. Krayzie is one of the the fastest rapper ever. He Can rap fast and spit unbelieveable lyrics and slow it down with some sooth singing! To rap that fast and make it sound good  is a rare quality. Krayzie is one of the best, hands down . The best, fastest, and most laid back thug of Bone Thugs N Harmony.

4. Busta Rhymes:-

Busta was born in  Brooklyn,New York . Busta Rhymes is one of the greatest artists ever in the game of hip-hop. Undeniable skills, both lyrically and in performance/flow. "I can't understand a damn thing he ever saysin the song with chris brown look at me now. I UNDERSTAND NOTHING! I love it its strange".I think he's the one of the fastest rapper I'v ever heard.

5. Eminem 

Listen to him and you'll feel it as you hear it. He is fast as well you will love to hear his music.THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EMINEM AND THE RAPPERS ABOVE HIM IN THE LIST . Eminem actually makes sense when he rhymes fast. He uses DIFFERENT rhymes, and he has so much more creativity.

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